IV Simposio Tribunales y Mediación - #SimposioGEMME
September, 21st - 25th
The Coronavirus crisis has motivated us to change the approach of our Symposium, as we have now on its fourth edition made it an online event broadcasted on streaming for the first time in its history. It will be held from September 21, 2020 to September 25, 2020. This new reality left by the pandemic has also affected the topics on the agenda of this intercontinental congress, as we are now giving more importance to topics such as digital transformation in mediation or mediation as an answer to the increase of conflicts and litigation resulting from lockdown and other measures taken on account of Coronavirus. As until now, the Mediation and Courts Symposium is a gathering that calls for judges, magistrates, prosecutors, attorneys from the administration of justice, other legal practitioners, mediators, and all other professionals in the field of mediation unrelated to the legal field, as well as students. This time, the goal is to reflect and discuss about the current state of mediation and inspire everyone that believes ADRs as the best way to achieve a culture of understanding, general agreement and peace, specially in those complex and chritical situations. This virtual format presents new and interesting opportunities for this Symposium organised by GEMME Spain, as it breaks down geographical and economical barriers, making possible a larger and more cosmopolitan participation. This is why we are presenting this congress with great enthusiasm and commitment to society. For sure, we will reach relevant conclusions and proposals for the present in a joint effort and looking ahead. GEMME ESPAÑA
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