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Visual Thinking Global Summit
July 27th - 30th

After Corona, the IFVP conference is finally back. Well, not exactly the IFVP conference like you knew it. It will be equally interesting and inspiring but with a new name, a different vibe, a HYBRID component and on a BI-ANNUAL rhythm.


So, grab your chance to (re)-connect, learn, discuss and dream together with visual thinkers from around the world - because the next one is not until  2024!

Everyone is welcome!!


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It will be a Basque experience, a learning experience, a hybrid experience, an artistic experience, a family experience. In short: an unforgettable experience!


Buy your ticket in person (Bilbao) before July 1st, and your ticket online before July 17th.






A Learning 


Sick of learning on your own over the last 2 years? Yes…? We feel you! 

The summit will bring you a shared learning experience


We’ll have great speakers (you haven’t heard yet), the guru’s of our field, best practices and brand-new insights, old dogs and young cats. 


It will be a lasting learning experience using tried and tested methodologies like Open Space and quality keynotes as well as new approaches such sense-making dialogues.








Imagine a live conference where you can still feel the presence of the online participants. Or, being online but still feeling present on the spot. Some smart interactive technology, a dedicated online team, a programme designed especially for a hybrid experience and a reporter that takes you along in Bilbao. 



Sound pretty cool! We will make this happen by organize an ONLINE regional hub in your language and in a timezone that is friendly to you.

Have you created a REGIONAL HUB in your language with 10 people or more? send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the information of the 10 participants (their e-mails, name and surname) and we will send you a personalized discount code. The price will be 150 euros (taxes not included)".






An Artistic 


This will be the first global summit for visual thinkers, and what better way to mark that, than to bring in a completely new experience?



The whole summit will be interwoven with dance, music, theatre and painting. It will create feelings and memories that will live on in our hearts, long after we check out of the venue and the screens.




A Basque 


Basque country has a very unique and amazing culture, a dreamy landscape, great food and wonderful cities. At it’s heart Bilbao boasts a green and hospitable environment for our shared experience. And we will make sure you can taste, smell, see and touch it all from closeby (even if you are joining online :) )! 


Bilbao the capital of Bizkaia/Biscay located on the Eastern Atlantic seaboard, stands at the heart of a metropolis with over 1,000,000 inhabitants with important transport infrastructures that provide connections to the main cities in Europe by land, sea and air.


For more information about Bilbao, our venue, how to reach Bilbao, Where to stay and more useful information click here:




In addition, we will offer you a real Euskal-Jaia. (Basque Party)

You will be able to buy tickets for your companions once you have registered.




A Family 


Maybe your family also wants to enjoy the Bilbao vibe? No problem! There will be tips and ideas for your husbands, wives, partners, friends ...


Even the kids have a dedicated programme supported by trained professionals and in the same space where we have the summit! 


We offer you two options:

Txikigune (children's area) (age 5-12 years) An experience for the little ones, they will be inside the Terminal in a space suitable for them, they will have a monitor who will be energizing different activities, games, art, crafts, songs, and if the weather permits, water games!

Gazte Experience (13-17 years old) An incredible experience for older children, with guided visits to different places in Bilbao and its surroundings, such as the Hanging Bridge of Bizkaia, a trip along the Basque coast and recreational activities in different areas, always accompanied by monitors.

In both cases, this ticket includes the welcome cocktail, the closing ceremony, the afternoon of the 29th in Bilbao, and the Party (Euskal Jaia) of the same day, as well as the bus transportation.

*(During this day there will be no monitors and the responsible for the minors will be their parents).


You will be able to purchase tickets for minors once you have registered.


The Space


Berlin is hip? Forget Berlin! The new Berlin is Zorrozaurre island, where La Terminal is located. This old factory transformed into a space for cultural and creative industries. It was designed to promote artistic manifestations. And…as an added bonus: WE CAN DRAW ON THE WALLS!! 








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Pre-Summit Onsite (Bilbao)

Pre-Summit Workshop Change


David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling are busy with business transitions and will not be available to lead their workshops. 


The President of the IFVP and IFVP Institute, Dr. Bakelaar will host the Visual Facilitation 101 as a collaborative learning space, who has done an extensive amount of training with David through the GLEN (Global Learning Exchange Network) regarding his approach and philosophy of visual facilitation.



Pre-Summits Online


Scaling Letters: From Sketchbooks to Wall Graphics
with Heather Martinez

Registration: Click Here!



Miro Magic - How to create engaging, hopeful and caring digital spaces; working synchronously and asynchronously in Miro over longer periods of time. W. Suzy Glass & Mona Ebdrup, from Iris & Birch.

Registration: Click Here!


Add more VOOM! to your visualisations with smarter visual frameworks - with Ben Crothers. A 2 hour online workshop, given 3 different times, on the 25th of July.

Registration: Click Here!



Any further information please contact us at 

[email protected] 



This Global Summit is organised by Muxote Potolo Bat (local-host) in collaboration with IFVP and EVP

And from these two entities is deployed a local and international team that will make this Summit possible. A connecting team, co-creator, builder of the space, the scenography, the content... the whole experience. And it will design the connection bridge between what happens in Bilbao (onsite) and the people who will connect from different parts of the world (online) creating a truly hybrid experience.

We also have the support of various public institutions and private companies.