Strengthening the Mediterranean Tourism Sector
May 27th

Welcome to the B2B Networking Event May 27th - 10am CET

From the 19th till the 27th May you will be able to request meetings to other DMCs or Incoming Travel Agencies from the Med Pearls Project territories.

The format of the event is a Business to Business Networking event, meaning that each participant will be able to check in advance the profiles of the other participants and pre-schedule short meetings with them.

You will find here the userguide in order to request meetings.

The meeting platform will assist you for an easy scheduling of the different appointments. Each meeting will last around 20-minutes with 5-minute breaks in between. Attendees will be able to arrange interviews with up to 8 companies during the event.

In addition to this, prior and during the whole session, companies will be able to get in touch with other participants through the internal chat.

For any requires, please contact:

Carles Celma [email protected]  
Alex Beaumont [email protected]


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